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Cat and mouse

The kids have to decide if they want to be the cat or the mouse. The mice stand in the middle of the room. Then the cats hold hands to make a circle around the mice. Cats: Little mouse, little mouse, what are you doing in my house? Mice: Eating up your food. Cats: Who said you could do that? Mice: Nobody cats: What will you do when the cat comes home? Mice: Run away and the mice run away, and the cats have to catch them.

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Earth, water, air

The children sit down in a circle. The game leader is holding a ball. The leader throws it to another player, and at the same time says one of these three words: earth, water, or air. If they say “water,” this means that the player to whom they’re throwing the ball has to catch it and name an animal that lives in the water, like a whale. If they say “air,” then the player has to name an animal that can fly, like a bird, insect, or bat. If they say “earth,” then players can only name those animals that can’t fly and don’t live in the water, like cows.

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