The flashlight

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2 - 3 years
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single child
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A journey of discovery for little explorers. Take your child’s favorite stuffed animal and hide it in a room (not too tough of a hiding place). Make sure you clean up all the toys on the floor that your child could trip over in the dark. Now turn off the lights and give your child a flashlight. Then start looking together. Show your child how to use the flashlight to light up the room, and look at the shadows different objects throw. Make some rustling noises and say that maybe it was the stuffed animal you’re looking for.



Our little guy (two and a half months) was afraid of the dark at first, but now the game is a huge hit, and he even has to take the flashlight to daycare grinning face with smiling eyes


Mia loves this game. She’s also learning where the light comes from. We have a crank flashlight with a see-through cover.

Rudy: What’s the problem?
Samantha: He doesn’t like the dark