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Hello, I’d like to buy an aquarium, but I’m not sure if it’s going to take too much time to take care of it. I work, I have 3 year-old twins, and I do most of the household choresslightly smiling face (but I’d better save my complaining about that for another forum). The alternative would be a front yard pond, like a little basin where you can have animals live, and you take care of the landscaping and plants. Anybody ever have one of these ponds? How time intensive is something like this?



Hey hey out there, I don’t have a pond obviously, but one of my neighbors does. He has told me about it before. He “only” has koi in there, but he has to always be trimming the plants, replacing the gravel, and that sort of thing. It’s... read more


Hey Rudy it’s me again!! I just talked to my neighbor, and he says you should start off with like a 10 gallon aquarium. That’s pretty small, but you’ll get an idea of what it’s like and you won’t have too much to do. If you want to know... read more

Rudy: Thanks a lot. That would be great.